3 arrested for being in possession of N71 million in cash
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3 arrested for being in possession of N71 million in cash

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) in Katsina intercepted a vehicle and arrested three suspects who had N71,350,000 stashed inside the vehicle’s booth.

According to reports, the three suspects were apprehended in the middle of the night in the Dan Isa community, which is located on the Niger Republic’s bank.

“While intensifying our search on anti-smuggling activities on Katsina-Jibia border axis, we arrested three suspects with N71.350 million Naira cash inside the booth of an ash-colored Toyota Corolla along Katsina Jibia axis exit,” said the Comptroller of the State Command, Dalha Wada. The sum in question was hidden inside a ghana must-go bag.”

“What are they doing with N71,350,000 cash at that hour! We brought the money, the suspect, and the vehicle to the command. We counted the money, informed the customs headquarters, and then took the money to Central Bank Katsina for safekeeping.’’

”However, we granted the suspects an administrative bail as the case has been transferred to the headquarters as investigations are ongoing.” Wada added.

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