Governor Godwin Obaseki independence day message

Governor Godwin Obaseki independence day message


I heartily salute, congratulate and celebrate our great country Nigeria and its citizens, as we celebrate the 61st anniversary of the nation’s independence this year which coincidentally also marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of Edo State.

As we celebrate these historic events, it is important that we deeply reflect on the vision of our founding fathers who laboured to secure our right to self-determination and establish a country based on equity, fairness and justice on October 1st 1960.

Today, I join all patriots to once again affirm that “though our tribes and tongues may differ, in brotherhood we stand” and that the “labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.”

The current global and local challenges facing us as a nation may look daunting, however as a resilient, resourceful and great country, we will continually prevail and triumph over these challenges.

The global pandemic, the difficult economic situation and insecurity we currently face, may seem threatening to the fabric of our nation, but if we unite and ignite our indomitable Nigerian spirit, we shall overcome and emerge as the victorious people that we are.

In Edo State, we will continue to strengthen the foundations of our society by transforming our institutions, curbing corruption, reducing the leakages in public resources and building the capacity of our workers to ensure efficiency in production and service delivery.  

We believe that the steps we have since commenced to take will strengthen the political and economic fabric of our state; they will also enhance social justice, security, economic development and delivery of good services to our people.

My dear good people of Edo State, I therefore call on you to be hopeful, prayerful and continue to work towards sustained peace, unity and progress of our state and our dear nation.

To all Nigerians, 61 hearty cheers!

Long live Edo State 

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria 

Godwin Obaseki

Governor, Edo State

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