Edo PDP Crisis: BHR: Can of worms about Dan Orbih released

Edo PDP Crisis: BHR: Can of worms about Dan Orbih released

Startling revelations have been released  about Dan Orbih in a BHR release, responding to Bobmanuel Umoru who said: "...The Deputy Governor, few days ago, summoned a meeting of selected Edo North Party members comprising some new entrants and other suspended old members to his country home at Uzairue. At that meeting, the Deputy Governor gave these members an order to make ALL Wards and LGA Party meetings/ gatherings uncomfortable for the current Party Across the Senatorial District and particularly Owan West LGA for daring to suspend those loyal to him...."

This was BHR media response containing startling revelations: "This is FAKE NEWS that is reminiscent of the antics of a sinking Dan Orbih whose only political dexterity is his uncommon capacity to manufacture and deploy Alternative Facts and Sophistry to distort and obscure the rhapsody of Edo political realities."

"What is happening in Edo PDP is never the desperation of anybody, as this paid writer would want Edo PDP to believe. The crux of the matter is Dan Orbih's unwillingness and incapability to adjust to the new reality that Edo PDP has now been transformed from an opposition party to a ruling party. Orbih is unable to realize that, as a ruling party, PDP now has a new leader in Governor Godwin Obaseki."

It continued, "Orbih prefers our party remains in perpetual opposition so he can continue to trade with the election-winnng potentials of our great party. This is what he has done for the past 12 years! Edo PDP remaining in opposition is a win-win for Dan Orbih."

"As the de facto leader of PDP in opposition, he's availed with the unending opportunities to make good money, especially during elections. During elections, Orbih, on one hand, takes money from the PDP governors with the pretence of trying to win state elections; while on the hand, he also takes from the then ruling APC state government of Comrade Oshiomhole to trade away the chances of PDP winning the state elections."

It added: "There are startling evidence of how he goes to take money at Iyamho just before elections, paving the way for APC to always win 18/18. Make Dan Orbih no allow us open Can of Worms o. Because it will be messy!."

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