Celebrating Nigeria @ 61; Theoritical Independence Versus Practical Reality By Comrade Obayuwana Bobby Eghosa

Celebrating Nigeria @ 61; Theoritical Independence Versus Practical Reality By Comrade Obayuwana Bobby Eghosa

By Comrade Obayuwana Bobby Eghosa

Just like yesterday, the Septuagenarian Entity that was birthed as a Child of Political Circumstance marks yet another historic but Pitiable Birthday Celebration.

This is born out of the fact that Her Productivity which She was hitherto known for even right from Her Precolonial, Colonial and even the earliest part of Her Colonial Days has been diminished, rubbished, battered and bastardized with Corruption, Bribery, Killings, Insecurity, Unemployment, Hunger, Starvation, Depression, Repression, Recession and Frustration as a result of Bad Governance and Maladministration overtime.

She was just a baby conceived in the womb of True Nationalists like Chief Anthony Enahoro who together with Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe gave birth to Her in a Premature State that nome of Her Natives ever envisaged would culminate into this current appealing, debilitating, discouraging, and hemorrhaging state of Hers which was partially a deliberate attempt by Colonial Forefathers to see Her become due to the Unity that seized to exist as at the time She was conceived and even before the Political Courtship that birthed Her came into existence in the First Place.

What could have happened to this Damsel that other Nations cannot help but see and call "Mama Africa"?

Where did She go wrong and what was Her role in the whole of this whole set up? 
According to Shakespeare, "What a rash and bloody deed" by Her Colonial Masters and some of Her dissent children overtime who have wasted the sacrifices that Her Nationalists paid for Her to be free from the grip and gridlock of Colonial Pestilence that greeted her even before Her Political Naming Ceremony by the then girlfriend of Lord Lugard who further chose to make Her Life miserable due to His Self Aggrandisement which has been partially savaged from October 1, 1960 till date as a result of the Independence She now enjoys. 

She daily yearns for the best from Her current state as She seeks and hope for a BETTER FUTURE FOR HER PEOPLES but Her Questions have been left unanswered for decades which not continue to be so because Her Little kids of yesteryears are now fully grown up to the level where they can now water Her with Care from Good Leadership and Positive Direction.

But the beautiful side of Her Frailing and Ailing face is that She has refused to give up or lose hope simply because Her offsprings are now further aware of the need to rejuvenate, resuscitate and re-energize Her into "An Administrative Amazon of Democratic Perfection that is not just beautiful but productive via Effective Leadership in Her Fatherland".

This can only happen when Her offsprings put aside their tribal, religious, Sociopolitical, ethnic and cultural differences aside and face the obvious reality of the fact that She can only thrive when She is seen in an atmosphere of Peace, Unity, Progress, Sincerity, Integrity, Fecundity, Productivity, Proficiency, and Profundity which should naturally reflect in Her Leadership henceforth.

It is on this note that I call on all true Nigerian Faithfuls to be strong, hopeful, courageous and prepare to give their Motherland a BETTER LIFE come 2023 by getting their PVCS ready and voting their conscience in order to Make Her Great Again.

She must as a matter of urgency be taken off Her relic state and giving the Freedom that Her People can enjoy at all times which includes that of subsequent generations to come, which should not only be in paperwork, theories but in Good deeds, Goodwill and Practicality.

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria 

I rest my pen 🖊 for now.

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