7 Lies Nigerian Parents Tell Their Kids
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7 Lies Nigerian Parents Tell Their Kids

Nigerian parents tell lies a lot. If lying was a course they would have a first-class degree. The worst part is that most times, no one provokes them to tell these lies. Here are some of their most popular lies.

1. Go and wear your slippers, I’ll wait for you
This was the beginning of their betrayal because they really could have just said no. Instead, they chose to give a whole generation abandonment issues. Good one boss.

2. I don’t have a favourite child
My dear even God has his favourites, who then are Nigerian parents? Do not be deceived, it’s a human thing to have someone you like best. We all know the favourite child in each family sha, wahala for who be only child.

3. If boys touch you, you’ll get pregnant
To be fair, this is not a lie. They just refused to add which part of your body should be off-limits until you are ready. Nigerian parents would rather lie than give their kids proper s*x education , nawa.

4. I always came first
If all of them always came first, who came second? I know there are plenty of schools in Nigeria but for f*ck sake.

5. I never did this to my parents
Sorry oh, overall best in good behaviour. Since they are all saints, maybe somebody had to do it to you for character development .

6. Borrow me, I will give you back
This is one of the oldest lies told to man. Nigerian mothers are experts at telling this lie. From the start, they had no intention of returning it. Imagine borrowing your mum money and what you get back in return is trust issues.

7. I will buy you a bicycle if you pass your exams
Nobody should come and say not all parents because nobody asked you. The worst part about this lie is that half the time, nobody even asked for the bicycle. Nigerian parents are wrong for this sha, but we still love them.

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