10 ways to live healthy in Nigeria

10 ways to live healthy in Nigeria

By Fasanmi Abiola

We all know that trying to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle in Nigeria is quite expensive. Everyone wants to take the easy way out.

With morbidity and mortality rates increasing every day, Nigerians need a new approach to lifestyle behaviour as this would help in preventing diseases, and thereby reduce health challenges.

Here are few tips that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle:
1. Exercise regularly: This is very essential for the average human being. Exercise, as simple as walking, especially brisk walking, is said to be the best form of exercise. It constitutes little stress with maximum benefits like fighting heart risk diseases and controlling weight and many more.

Sitting around, they say, kills faster. Research now proves that sitting for long exposes one to life shortening health conditions. For those who go to the office, the daily routine looks pretty much like – waking up, jumping in the car, cab or bus to get to the office, and then sit at the office desks from morning till evening. Many Nigerians feel that elderly people do not need to exercise, but this is a wrong perception. In fact it’s really good for their muscles to remain strong and their heart to function properly.

2. Drink more water: You need water to get rid of toxins, improve brain function, energise muscles, control weight gain, balance body temperature and fluids. This natural liquid offers more benefits than soda or alcohol.

You also get to save the money you would have spent on unhealthy alternatives as you improve your health by drinking water throughout the day. An easy way to ensure that you drink enough water is by always carrying a bottle around. This way you don’t have to reach for something else.

3. Say no to sodas and yes to smoothies: Sometimes dangerous things are always the cheapest. It’s easier to walk into a store and buy a can of coke than see people who sell fruits. If you crave a drink, cut up watermelon and pineapple, put in a blender, pour it out to drink. You would be shocked at how refreshing you would feel. Popping a can of soda is not worth it due to the amount of sugar you consume in three gulps.

4. Eat vegetables: Eating a lot of vegetables help to increase energy in the body system, naturally. This reduces stress, depression or fatigue, which would have made the body unable to function well throughout the day. Eating about five to six heaps of vegetables everyday helps to increase your energy levels which is very vital.

5. Avoid late dinners or snacking: It’s always difficult when one craves for a particular thing that is not available. This needs discipline to achieve. Eating late at night causes stomach pouches, which might be unattractive. You can snack on carrots or fruits if you can’t control your craving.

6. Get enough rest: Rest is a very potent medicine for stress, required for a healthy living. An average person needs about seven to nine hours of rest/sleep every day. Resting time is when the body rebuilds what is lost, refreshes the brain, reactivating it for better comprehension and the embrace of new knowledge and ideas. There can be no alternative to sufficient sleep thereby improving mental health and reducing stress.

7. Routine medical check-ups: This is so important. Always try to go to the hospital once in a while to see how your body is functioning and if you are living right. Always try to do routine check-ups.

8. Temperance: According to the oxford dictionary, temperance means abstinence from alcoholic drink’. Alcohol has been proven to cause more damage to the body than good. It injures vital organs like the brain, heart and liver; which is one important reason to stay away from it. Temperance however of course is more than just abstinence from alcohol; it has a lot to do with the attitudes adopted in our bid to do things in moderation.

9. Eat natural balanced diet: The key to enjoy good health is eating a proper natural balanced diet. If you are giving the body natural food, disease cannot be present in your body.

I am talking of natural food that has already been prepared by nature such as vegetables, fruits, grains; they are easily converted by the body.

You should avoid junk food such as meat pie, chocolate, white bread, etc.

10. Trust in God: After all said and done, this helps direct our lives and give us grace to live healthy. When God is the centre of our lives and existence, we will be the best for us, society and Him.

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