Scurrilous Attack, Misleading Information, and Concocted Lies Against the Deputy Gov, Rt Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu: A Rejoinder
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Scurrilous Attack, Misleading Information, and Concocted Lies Against the Deputy Gov, Rt Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu: A Rejoinder

(20th September 2021)
Edo State Chapter

Our attention has been drawn to a scurrilous attack in a video that has gone viral on social media credited to a self-styled Edo PDP Coordinator, Omobumhe Bob-Manuel Umoru, where a lot of unsubstantiated claims and attacks were made against the person of the Edo Deputy Governor, His Excellency *RT. HON COMRADE PHILIP SHAIBU* with a clear intention to damage his hard-earned reputation. As a responsible political group in the PDP family, we won't stand in akimbo watching a foul-mouthed and disgruntled Omobumhe destroying the delicate image of our leaders and party, PDP in Edo State, all to seek undue attention and score cheap political points.
The said video though getting the attention of traducers, depreciators, and detractors in the opposition party, APC the truth remains that the content of the video is not only confusing, incoherent, misleading, bias, provocative, and a deliberate and calculated effort to cause confusion within the ruling PDP in Edo State but also a failed attempt to cause distrust and unnecessary suspicious between His Excellency * RT HON. COMRADE PHILIP SHAIBU* and his boss, His Excellency * MR GODWIN NOGHEGHASE OBASEKI* and therefore call on the public to disregard this unnecessary vituperative attack on the Deputy, *RT HON COMRADE PHILIP SHAIBU* as it remains a mere expression of misplaced anger against the adorable Deputy Gov, who has successfully 'walked' himself to the hearts of Edo people.
As stakeholders in the Edo PDP, we are not unaware that there are yet to be resolved issues in the party, which the Deputy Governor, in his wisdom, refused to discuss on a live Channels TV programme, *#PoliticsToday*. Rather than Omobumhe resorting to unnecessary insults and sounding more frustrating, we expected him and other loyal PDP members and leaders to commend * HE RT HON COMRADE PHILLIP SHAIBU* for refusing to wash the party's dirty linen in public, and this is expected of any right-thinking PDP in Edo State. There is no political party in the world without issues; what's essential is its leaders' ability, capacity, and political Will to collectively resolve matters internally in a peaceful and timely manner. * HE RT HON. COMRADE PHILIP SHAIBU* is a very responsible and loyal party leader who has the party's interest, PDP, at heart and will do all within his power and available resources to ensure peace and unity in the party.
We agree and accept that Mr. Omobumhe should fully exercise his inalienable constitutional right of expressing his opinions, anger, displeasure, and misgivings about the internal Edo PDP politics and governance of Edo State under the very watch of * HE MR. GODWIN NOGHEGHASE OBASEKI* but we find it unacceptable that Omobumhe couldn't see the need to exercise such rights without recourse to denigrating remarks, name-calling, unsubstantiated claims, misinformed the public, levelled false allegations, so many assumptions, scandalous, defamatory, slanderous, and undeserving insults on the person of the Edo Deputy Governor, *RT. HON. COMRADE PHILIP SHAIBU*.
There is nothing inherently wrong with Omobumhe expressing his opinions, views, anger, displeasures, and misgivings about the internal Edo PDP politics or being disappointed at the Edo State Gov if he feels the Gov failed in terms of providing leadership. Yes, they can be expressed and resolved appropriately if well directed towards the appropriate source in the proper level. But everything is inherently wrong in his actions, and he moves to pull down instead the same House he pretended to be rebuilding and sustaining for the progress and development of all Edo people.
Describing the unassuming and respected Deputy Gov as half–baked, unintelligent, unproductive, and a wrong pair to the Edo Governor is considered not only an insult but also an expensive joke taken too far. His well-documented records of unequalled and unparalleled achievements are enough to prove that Omobumhe and his co-travellers are just failed attention–seekers and common busybody Lagos – based politicians who have completely lost touch with the developmental politics, progress, and effective governance of our people over the past 13 years in Edo State, where *RT. HON COMRADE PHILIP SHAIBU* undoubtedly played active and critical roles in sustaining our democracy in the State and championing the introduction of quality projects, pacesetting programmes, and people-oriented policies that had endeared subsequent Govts to the hearts of Edolities. The Deputy Governor has remained committed to his vision of always aligning with the Edo people no matter whose ox is gored. This rare trait, uncommon humility, and undoubted loyalty to his boss remain the secret of the close and good working relationship he had enjoyed with the State Governor over the years and therefore wrongly described as subservient to the Edo State Gov.
We also wonder how and why describing the Deputy Governor as having nothing to offer is accused of not using his rich and proven legislative experience and grassroots political skills to direct the Gov on governance issues. It is unfortunate that while the Edo State Governor, *His Excellency Mr. Godwin Nogheghase OBASEKI, who doubles as PDP National Committee Chairman on e-registration* is working very hard along with his indefatigable Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon Comrade Philip SHAIBU rebranding, repositioning, and mobilizing Edo people to fully embrace and accept PDP in Edo State all Omobumhe and his co-travellers could imagine is accusing the Governor of planning to leave the party.
We, therefore, call on the leadership of our great party, PDP, too, as a matter of urgency, call Omobumhe and his likes to order to save our dear party from alarmists, propagandists, and noisemakers masquerading as Saints but used as smokescreens by enemies of our great party, PDP to cause an unnecessary crisis.
Comrade Jerome ERAMHO
Director of Communications,
Edo State Chapter
20th September 2021

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