Moment Plane Crashes Into Water, Pilot Scream For Help (Pics, Video)
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Moment Plane Crashes Into Water, Pilot Scream For Help (Pics, Video)

Plane Falls Into Water As Wing Walker And Pilot Scream In The UK (Pics, Video)

IT'S A MIRACLE: THIS is the dramatic moment a plane crashes into the water and sinks in just a "minute" as the wing walker and pilot scream for help.

The shocking crash unfolded in front of hundreds of shocked witnesses at Bournemouth Air Festival last night - with onlookers saying it was a "miracle" that the pair survived.

Rescue crews had rushed into the water to pull the pilot and wing walker from the fast-sinking aircraft after the terrifying crash.

And CCTV shows the moment the small aircraft hits the water before flipping over in the Sandbanks area of Poole Harbour. 

In the video, a person can be seen witnessing the crash from a car park and apparently making a phone call.

Just after the crash, two small boats passed by the plane, the clip shows.

Another video shows the pilot and wing walker screaming for help as they were rescued from the plane.

An eyewitness told The Sun: "It landed only about 5m away from other boats and the concrete harbour, it was incredibly lucky.

"The wing walker was still attached to the top of the plane when it went down and I saw her brace as it hit the water. She was screaming as it crashed."

Dorset Police said they were called at 3.50pm yesterday and two people on board were treated for minor injuries after being rescued.

Rescuer Libby Chambers 43, a housewife from Wareham, was on a dinghy 20ft from where the plane crashed into the water.

She said it was "an absolute miracle" that nobody was seriously hurt in the crash.

Mrs Chambers and her husband Alan rushed towards the wreckage where the pilot, described as a man in his 50s, exited the cockpit.

The pilot then extricated the winglady, a woman in her 20s, who was "screaming in shock".

They helped them onto their small dinghy before they were transferred onto a larger RIB and taken to the nearby pontoon for medical assistance.

"The pilot was amazing. I'm not sure how he managed to avoid the rocks and other boats. It would have been horrific otherwise.


"We got to the wreckage within seconds and the pilot had got himself and extricated the winglady from their cockpit.

"We lifted them onto the dinghy. She was screaming in shock but he was so calm and composed, although you could tell he was also shaken up.

"He was hugging his winglady. I think she must have been in her 20s and he was maybe in his 50s.

"There was no room in our dinghy with us and our children so they were moved onto a larger RIB and taken to the pontoon.

"The plane sank within a minute.

"It's an absolute miracle that no one was hurt.

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