Lawyer beats up Defense Counsel during a court hearing in Court (+PHOTOS)

Lawyer beats up Defense Counsel during a court hearing in Court (+PHOTOS)

There was commotion at Gombe Magistrate Court on Thursday, September 23, when two lawyers att*cked each other during a court hearing. 

The two Lawyers, John Yuwa Esq and MK Gurumyen Esq, were arguing a motion for stand down before Chief Magistrate Yusuf Idi Saluk, when the incident occurred.

According to the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Gombe Branch, “They were before the court for a pending criminal case filed by our learned colleague, Yakubu Chidama, Esq. and others as Complainants against the Management of JED Plc Gombe. 

When the case came up, the Defence Counsel Yuwa, Esq. applied that the matter be stood down for at least 30 minutes to enable his sick client arrived at the court premises and proceed with the matter. 

In opposing the application, MK Gurumyen, Esq. made a prayer that if the Defence Counsel is sincere with his application, then may God heal his client, but if otherwise, may God incr*ase the severe p*in on the sick accused person. 

Then, a hit argument ensued between them in the presence of the court and Gurumyen p*nched Yuwa, leading to a serious wound inside and outer part of his mouth. 

Gurumyen, however, stated that it was the wounded counsel that first hit his nose with his finger, calling ‘this boy sit down,’ adding he p*nched him in retaliation, a claim Yuwa denied. 

The matter was later reported at Tumfure Police Division, while the wounded counsel was taken to the hospital, where he was scanned, diagnosed and treated with stitches inside and outer parts of his mouth.”

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