Beware of this scam message

Beware of this scam message

I got this message few minutes ago. I'm currently not in Naija but I tried to keep my mtn line active due to the fact that it has not been linked and also to avoid it from being blocked. So this evening I was just going through my phone when I noticed an unread message. I opened it to see the details in it were 90% correct. The name of the messanger is different from what truecaller gave me. Without reading the message twice, I knew it was a scammer at work. I've never been scammed and I don't pray I fall victim of any of their tactics. The surprising thing is how accurate the little information about me he gave out in the message.

Please let us all be careful of these scammers. 

If you have a word of prayer for him, please do not hesitate to do that thanks.

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