Men who send girls ‘urgent 2k’ are fools – Reno Omokri
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Men who send girls ‘urgent 2k’ are fools – Reno Omokri

By Ekaete Bassey

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has enunciated the characteristics of a male fool while slamming them.

The former media aide described a man who is a fool as one using a lesser mobile gadget yet bankrolls a girl who mischievously sends him a message requesting urgent funds.

Describing those girls that request for ‘urgent 2k’ as ‘marketers’, Omokri said they work with a daily target and any man who responds to their request isn’t in any way special but a puppet among many others whom they twist at will to do their bidding

He advised such men to take heed and ensure they use their resources wisely to avoid further regrets.

He wrote: “A fool can be described as a man with an iPhone 10 who sends money to a girl that sends him an ‘urgent 2k’ text with an iPhone 12.

“These girls are marketers. They have their daily target. You are not special to her. You are just one mugu among her many Maliyamungus.

“Transactional intercourse is devastating your reasoning faculty. Other men are using their phones to transact shares, Bitcoin and trade forex. And you are there trading in the shares of urgent 2k gangs.

“At the end of the day, you will start blaming your innocent village people for your predicament.”

Social media users aren’t turning a blind eye to the “Table Shaker’s’ post as they have expressed diverse opinions on the matter some of which are hilarious.

MC Edo Pikin said: “Some girls go still need urgent 2k to believe this message.”

oluchi__victoria noted: “The lady that broke your heart really damaged it very well…”

elsieisy wrote: “I don’t understand why this man is so obsessed with what transactions people do with their private parts. Uncle rest o. Rest!”

unified_wale stated: “Reno is so updated.. it’s his use of “urgent 2k” for me.. what’s so urgent about these 2k though?”

house_of_emi said: “It’s they have their daily target for mee. So girls asking for urgent 2k have daily target to meet just as we have targets in business. Ok oo.”

wisdomcounsellin wrote: “Moral Lesson: if you must trade, the least form of trade is urgent 2k.”

efegeorge stated: “This one no be lie sha,I Dey use Nokia u dey use 12 pro max still dey bill me ontop ..helloo are you normal.”

doye_godwin said: “Na to dey ask which phone u dey use before u get urgent 2k o.”

lavidalocal1 wrote: “This table the carpenter that will repair it has relocated to China.”

Badboyquest stated: “urgent 2k girls won’t like this Mr Reno.”

lilcyl said: “God knows that I can never send money to anyone using a bigger phone than what I’m actually using. You have money to buy phone but you don’t have urgent 2k, you keep disturbing people.”

9thavenuecollections wrote: “These girls are marketers he said.”

call_me_fvnds stated: “I don hear next time I go send 4K instead 2k.”

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