House Girl Poisons Family Food With Hypo (PHOTOS)
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House Girl Poisons Family Food With Hypo (PHOTOS)

A house girl has been caught and later arrested in Lagos after it was discovered that she poisoned family soup with Hypo - A Chemical for bleaching and cleaning dirt.

The house girl, who perpetrated the evil act first denied, but late confessed later after being asked by her boss to eat out of that food and she declined, eating only Amala but avoiding the vegetable soup.

The Couple who are speaking in Yoruba low tone midnight voice were seen begging the girl to know why she did what she did.

The couple invited a police officer who took up the case further.

Reactions have been following this from social media especially on Instagram with some blaming the couple for trying to kill the girl too by asking her to eat what's evidently poisoned and others saying many house girls nowdays are becoming wicked unknowningly even if you handle them with love and care as one of your own blood. 

Well, it's sad.

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