Five quick facts about Afghanistan
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Five quick facts about Afghanistan

By  Uwaifo Faith Abiodun 

Who in the world has not heard about the ongoing friction and tension in Afghanistan? On Sunday 5th of August 2021, what seemed to have been a long fight between the Afghanistan nation and the Taliban came into fruition, seeing the Taliban take over.

Here are five cultural facts you need to know about the Afghanistan nation now called Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan:

1. Afghanistan, in the Dari language, simply means land or place of Afghans. A lot of scholars over the years have tried to give an etymology to the word “afghan” and there have been speculations’ ranging from “white”, to “high-landers” to “original” yet a proper translation has not been given.

2. Afghanistan is a multilingual nation having two major languages, the Dari and the Pashto but Dari is the preferred language for communications between government officials. They employ the Persian alphabet as their writing system.

3. As a result of the incessant frictions happening in the country, the National anthem has been changed several times over the course of the years as at now, the Afghans currently have no national anthem presently as a result of the fall of the Kabul to Taliban forces, the last time this happened, music was banned and the nation anthem was banned as well

4. Apart from being an Islamic-dominated nation, Afghans are also very rich in culture, ranging from hospitality to feeding to music and dances. One of the most prominent hospitality practices would be the serving of tea to guests with each family having their peculiar recipe. They’re also known for

5. The official currency of Afghanistan is the Afghani measuring Af 1/$0.013. It is printed in two separate locations with varying exchange rate

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