The Contextual Logicality of the Southern Governors Lagos Declaration by Christopher Ojeikere
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The Contextual Logicality of the Southern Governors Lagos Declaration by Christopher Ojeikere

It has become necessary to try and help the obvious deficiency in logical disputations exhibited by some respondents from the northern part of Nigeria, against the logical, well thought out, Lagos declaration by governors of southern Nigeria. A declaration which, it must be stated, is only a vocal expression to the 100 % summation of the position of the SOUTHERN PEOPLES of Nigeria. Some of you doubtless have read some of the responses from the northern groups. By the way, I had no idea that the north had such a plethora of groups who mouth the words “Constitution” and “Democracy” in reference to governance in Nigeria. It was indeed an amusing surprise! And considering that the man in the helm of affairs in Nigeria is one of their own, one would have thought he would have been much availed of the avalanche of constitutional and democratic schools of thought there. Or, perhaps, they did school him, in, what obviously, is their best tradition of parochial subjectivism and narcissistic interpretation to which they have subjected those terms , in their made in northern Nigeria political dictionary. What they have in numbers, they clearly lack in quantum in interpretation.
Pray, by which logical economy do these ethnic apologists appeal to the Nigerian Constitution, as a justification to oppose the excellent content of the Lagos declaration; especially the declaration that southern Nigeria should produce the next President of Nigeria in 2023? Most of the comments I have read seemed more preoccupied by that rotational clause in the declaration than about any other matter. The Constitution states very clearly that the SECURITY AND WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE SHALL BE THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT! I do not need to emphasize that as it is today, the northern government in place, has exhausted even the minutiae of justification to protest a power shift to the south, contingent upon its performance of the quoted portion of the Nigerian Constitution. It is vicariously embarrassing that they are found to be doing so now! Given the names and titles of the respondents, the least one expected them to put forward as their justification, was sound contextual arguments; predicated on an evidence based evaluation of performance, and dividend auditing of this present government by northern Nigeria people. Because, inter alia, their argument is simultaneously an argument for power retention in the north. But no, rather they went grand standing with much blustering bombast about constitutionality and democracy. Therefore let us see some statistical evidence of the democratic dividends of these blabbers, and consider how justified is their opposition. Let us begin with the first plank of their three pronged agenda in 2015.
 The Economy.
First, Nigeria is now well established as the poverty headquarters of the world; a position, which the present northern government seems to consider as an achievement, rather than a lamentation anyway; considering the absolute lack of effort to address hunger and unemployment. And coupled with the satisfaction with which the President watch our agricultural economy destroyed by bandits in the north and Fulani extremists in the south of Nigeria. Second, Nigeria’s debt profile today is in the region of 26.3 trillion and the shambolic Senate we parade, to fulfill all democratic righteousness that we have one, has just approved 2.343 trillion for further mismanagement by the most non accounting government in Nigeria's history, while millions of Nigerian youths trod the streets in hopeless unemployment and hunger. Also, we are told that the federal northern government is planning to fund 2022 budget with 5.62 trillion naira loans. I verily think this government is a government of loans, by loans and for loans. Obviously, all the previous huge borrowings done were loans invested for further loans. No productive projects sighted anywhere, manufacturing has become only a textbook word in Nigeria. The only economic system we can see active in this government is the system of loaning. Adam Smith must have one or two things to learn from the north about economics.
Meanwhile, I hope you did not miss the news that our currency in circulation has fallen by 65.74% in 4months. What that translates to, is that only killer terrorists and bandits who collect kidnap ransom money from our federal and northern governments, can have our money to spend, while the rest of us wait for the mercy of this deliberately created inflation. In fact, IMF has told us that, by the way this northern government is mismanaging the spiraling inflation, poor unemployed people should cheer up, because they would not be alone for long. They would soon welcome about 7,000.000 members into its fold, in the next five years or so. All hail to this northern government!

 Now to matters Security.
The ISWA has just formed a parallel government in Bornu State and gleefully announced it to the provocation of Nigerians, but not to the provocation of elements in northern Nigeria, who are known to be in embracing fraternity with bandits, jihadists and terrorists. Global Terrorism index 2018 scored Nigeria 3rd in a list of 138 countries, only behind Iran and Afghanistan. The Australian based institute for Economy and Peace in the same vein rated Nigeria as the most terrorized nation in Africa. It went further to say that BH and the Fulani extremists are responsible for 63% of terror attacks and 88% of terror related deaths in Nigeria. I believe the figure is a little worse today, because we now have a third arm not hitherto captured. This one attacks average Nigerians who chose to be vocal about the failure of governance at midnights, and gloat in the morning over the killing of innocent defenseless citizens. They then go ahead to parade the same set of arms they had paraded previously in a similar scene of another incident, as stockpiled arms recovered from their victims. Watching them, you want to weep over the huge waste of tax payers money spent to train these ones, and the pittance of intelligence they now have to show for it! Even children playing theatre, could not be so amateurish in coupling a crime narrative together! It might interest them to know that the international community, they are trying so hard to impress is not convinced that they “are on top of the situation” (to quote their favourite threadbare inanity), because Britain, for instance, is already warning that Nigeria’s democracy might collapse before 2023. We hope the over zealousness of this executive terrorism against average Nigerians, will not hasten that fear.
But obviously, these ‘minor matters’ could not bother these latter day northern champions of the supremacy and sanctity of the Constitution. They do not allow themselves to be distracted by these issues of existentiality, security or the economy. They are only concerned with POWER remaining in the north! Hiding ever so cleverly, or not so cleverly this time, under guises of terms they either have no knowledge of their meanings or, have ethnically skewed so shamefully. If they knew the meaning of Democracy, they probably would have counseled their northern government manager, that appointments to federal public offices in Nigeria should reflect the federal character in our Constitution, as all other past leaders have known and done. They would have advised him that building railways to foreign countries to our diaspora cousins was unpatriotic, an abuse of office, and a breach of trust against our cousins at home. That 5% compensation for oil producing host communities for degrading their environment and denying them livelihood was nothing more than meagre compensation! No, they will not even let us have that! Democracy would have taught them that you do not suffocate voices that cry out that “your people are killing my people”! (apologies, Buhari) Yes they are killing us southerners in our farms, and destroying our agricultural economy; they are raping our wives and seething up wrath in us that will one day explode in magnitudes they could never imagine. They are running arms to and fro the southern parts of Nigeria; transporting them to our forests, calling us cowards and boasting of knowing our forests more than we the owners do. They are protected by the northern government in place. But all of these do not mean a thing to these illogical apologists and ethnic jingoists, who have felt no constitutional or democratic obligation to call the attention of their ruling emperor to these things. Rather, in suffocating bigotry, they are equating these calamitous and cataclysmic atrocities, to spare parts trading, or business of trade protectionism. They have only one agenda, they want power to stay in the north to continue these atrocities they call governance QED! But, we have news for you northern Nigerians, YOU ARE MISTAKING!

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