Bullets of the Harmless Rabbit: Between Hon. Akpatason's Rogue Constituency Projects, Edo State's Intervention and the Lamentations of a Frustrated John Mayaki
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Bullets of the Harmless Rabbit: Between Hon. Akpatason's Rogue Constituency Projects, Edo State's Intervention and the Lamentations of a Frustrated John Mayaki

JOHN MAYAKI: "Philip Shaibu's visit to Akoko Edo, in the wake of that viral video was just about politics. He does not care about the project or the people; he was merely there for photo-ops. Hon. Peter Akpatason has already risen to the occasion and thrown light on the matter. Though legislators are important interventionists and facilitators of constituency projects, they do not execute projects or award contracts. They are also not paid a kobo of the sum set aside for the earmarked projects. There are other agencies of government responsible for that in the spirit of transparency and separation of powers"

1. First, let me correct your mischievous claim that it was a "Philip Shaibu", whom for political reasons, visited the scene of that SCAM you called a CONSTITUENCY PROJECT. It was the GOVERNMENT OF EDO STATE, that responded swiftly to the CRIES of Akoko-Edo people, as exemplified by that patriotic young man who raised the alarm, and the SHAME your Dishonorable Akpatason brought to the good people of the state, in general and Akoko-Edo, in particular. The governor is not around, but I strongly suspect he must have directed his deputy to undertake that patriotic intervention to mitigate the shame and pains Akpatason brought to the good people of Akoko-Edo, and by extension, Edo state who are known for excellence.

2. Secondly, trying to shift the blame from Akpatason to the awarding/supervising ministry amounts to being clever by half, it is akin to walking two opposite streets at the same time. You've forgotten that the deputy governor was a member of Edo state house of assembly for 8 years, after which he became a member of federal house of reps for 18 months, before fate conspired to change his preferred legislative duties to that of reluctant executive functions. His stellar performance at both chambers earned him the sobriquet: MR. CONSTITUENCY PROJECTS, so if there are people who should speak about constituency projects, Philip surely stands out.

3. Acting on the directive of his boss, the deputy governor spoke to the constituency project issue from his vast knowledge & experience on the subject matter, and the gusto of a patriotic one. And to prove that the government responded with good intent and purpose, the road was immediately taken over for construction to ameliorate the suffering of the people.

4. To deflate your warped claim of political colouration, Mr. Toju Onaiwu, the Project Coordinator of SEEFOR, one of the swift Projects Intervention Organs of Edo state government, was part of the visitation team. It is interesting to let the world know that Toju is an illustrious son of Akoko-Edo, and he can confirm that so many SEEFOR roads project have been executed in his Local Government, contrary to your false claim of absence of state government projects therein. The standard of the roads projects executed by the Toju-led SEEFOR is world-class, hence there was never a time that the same comrade raised any alarm about their quality of work. The only alarm that can be raised about the Obaseki/Shaibu projects across the state is that of commendation and jubilation for the good quality of work done. I pray another patriot could replicate a similar praise alarm in this direction.

5. Consequent upon the foregoing, I would advise that you and your sponsors should try to extricate your souls from the jail of unending lamentations occasioned by your inability to pick up your pieces from injuries of Edo 2020. It is doing you guys more harm than good. Whatever damage control you're attempting to indulge concerning this episode is even escalating the shame this unfortunate scam of a project has brought to Akpatason. Akpatason has put himself on the world map of shamelessness. For your information, Akpatason is now the SI unit of either dishonour, or dishonesty, or disillusion, or disingenuity, or a combination of all of the above.

6. As the MEGA Agenda train keeps moving Edo state forward, I advise you to get BETTER, not BITTER!

BHR MEDIA, firing live from a Road Project Site.

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