We’re focusing on constructing roads to connect communities, boost economy, ensure even development - Obaseki
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We’re focusing on constructing roads to connect communities, boost economy, ensure even development - Obaseki

…assures more support for Edo women

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has said his government is consciously investing in sustainable infrastructure to drive socio-economic growth and development.

Obaseki, who spoke at a stakeholders’ engagement for women in Benin City, hailed Edo women for their contribution towards the lasting peace and all-round development witnessed in the state.

The governor explained that his administration is constructing roads and connecting communities to boost economic activities and ensure even development.

“The reason why the government is investing hugely on building infrastructure is to help grow and develop the economy of the State,” he noted.

The governor said: "Edo women are the most hard-working women you can see anywhere in the world and they suffer untold hardship but we are in government to make things easier for them.

"We need to organize the Government properly to be able to get more money through taxation to enable us to develop the State and make life better for Edo people. The future of Edo State is very bright; our citizens must not lose hope in this Government. All we need to do is to look inward and organise ourselves.”

Governor Obaseki continued: "We don't have strong institutions, as godfathers, in the past, replaced the institutions. It’s not godfathers that determine the way a state or system should be run but the people and the institutions.

"We must have strong institutions that will make the system work without depending on any godfather to determine the way things are done. Government will always come and go but the institutions remain. Our focus is to ensure that everything works because we have to give account of taxpayers’ money. Government can't be singlehandedly hijacked by some persons.”

Noting the role of Edo women in ensuring socio-economic development in the state, Obaseki said: “The women are the pillar which our society rests and if not for them I may not have been Governor for a second term as they are the ones helping to confront the ‘Lions and Tigers’ threatening to distract our government from working for the people We have no choice but to work for Edo people.”

"We campaigned against godfathers during the September election and we won to push them out of the system. Godfathers have replaced institutions. What happened on September 19, 2020 was to vote out the mentality of godfatherism,” he added.
On her part, Edo First Lady, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki advocated for the women to be appointed into vital political positions to enable them contribute their quota to the development of the nation.

Addressing the women, she said: "I urge you people to be ready to contribute to the development of the state by changing the narrative of getting involved in politics. I encourage you people to also pay your tax and be committed to good governance.”

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