Sir Crusoe Osagie: A Great Leader, My Teacher and A Refined Gentleman
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Sir Crusoe Osagie: A Great Leader, My Teacher and A Refined Gentleman

It's a privilege for me to celebrate the birthday of an enigma, my leader and a man of integrity, in the person of Sir Crusoe Osagie.

There are so many things I admire about his person. First is his painstaking ability to nurture greenhorns. Being in his tutelage and learning the ropes over the years has taught me more than I ever learnt in the four walls of any didactic institution.  Everything Ik Osamede Media knows today I learnt from him.

Second is the fact that my boss is a man of faith. His conviction to upholding the virtues of Christianity even in the midst of dare devil politics and politicking is more than remarkable. Sir Crusoe Osagie will never introduce himself as a pastor, but when you interact with him or even from afar, you'll be forced to remark 'you must be a pastor, you're so well principled!'. 

Since Governor Godwin Obaseki is a man of integrity, it therefore doesn't come as a surprise to see that he is surrounded by people with unquestionable integrity, with Rt. Hon. Phillip Shaibu and Barr. Osarodion Ogie also as leading examples.

My leader is intelligent and witty. I have had reasons to interact with top journalists in the state and elsewhere. The last time I was at Aso Rock, I can recall Mr. Femi Adesina telling me that Crusoe Osagie is a noble man. That is from the Presidency. When it comes to the debate on impeccable style of politics and delivering excellent, ubiquitous and efficient reportage of Government programs and policies, the name Crusoe Osagie always comes up as they all testify that Sir Crusoe Osagie is so witty that he could bring to nothingness enemy propaganda without dropping a hat or breaking a sweat. It comes to him naturally. Others till date still wonder how he does it. Godwin Obaseki sure has the best around him. 

The third is his humility. Sir Crusoe Osagie is down to earth and accessible to all no matter your social standing. He is not just a boss and a teacher, he's a father to all. He is a definition of nobility in politics.

I join the legion of friends and associates in wishing a man of inestimable value and unquantifiable media adroitness, Sir Crusoe Osagie a very happy birthday and many more years of fulfilment!

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