Pastor arrested in Edo for annointing woman's private part, sexual assault
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Pastor arrested in Edo for annointing woman's private part, sexual assault

Pastor of Assemblies of God Church in Esan South East local government area, Jeffery Ihievu, has been arrested by men of the Edo state police command for indecent assault.

Pastor Ihievu was arrested after trouble broke out between him and the husband of a pregnant woman over unethical activities.

It was gathered that the pregnant woman had gone to the church pastor to complain of some terrifying dreams since she got pregnant.

The Pastor then told her that she needed deliverance to stop the bad dreams and have a safe delivery.

Consequently, the Pastor asked her to undress while he applied anointing oil to her private part and all parts of her breasts.

The woman is now eleven months pregnant and no delivery insight.

She complains that she is no longer ‘feeling the kick of the baby’.

Disappointed, the woman reported the incident to her husband, who angrily led hoodlums to Ihievu’s house.

The family reported the incident to the Edo State Police Command headquarters in Benin city, and the Pastor was arrested.

In an interview with crime correspondent Festus Alenkhe, Ihievu said, “I actually did it for deliverance purpose and nothing more.

“She complained to me of her situation, and l took her to my office where l used the anointing oil on her private part, and l do not mean harm”.

“Her husband even brought thugs to attack me at home”.

The police said investigation on the matter continues.

Culled from Standard Gazette

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  1. I am totally disappointed with all these Men of God, no where did the Bible say a woman should be anointed anywhere like that. It is very disgusting and sickening, these actions and killings are becoming to common with African Men of God. People should not be blinded sighted by these people, the pregnant woman should have gone straight to the hospital or speak first to her husband before doing anything. This is a learning lesson, people should always tell or go with their family members before, going anywhere. Their lives may depend on it. I pray her baby is safely delivered